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Posted by Pip

BAL17- On The Dusty Trail

Balance is off to blaze her own path. Maybe not as hard as seeing a good host leave, she is an immortal after all, but nobody likes being ditched by one of the few people out there that likes you. But leave she must! Out there putting the proverbial spackle over all those bumps and tears the Sins, Virtues, and Tarot seem to leave in their wake, bringing joy to children everywhere, and confusing the good citizens of the world by saying “willikers”, “golly”, and “jeepers” a lot. Did you know that “golly” used to be considered a profanity? I found that out a few days ago and it amused me greatly.
Of course, we the readers know that Balance won’t be gone for long...
And isn’t Aceena Lust’s “Fluffy”? Then again, Content may be hesitant to bring that up lest Lust deck her one.

If Balance’s departure has you down, head on over to the DDG tab and revel in a new page.

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