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MF1- Karmic Child Abuse

A new story arc and it starts with... ACTION! Rhett may have defeated Lust’s host with rocks the first time they met, but winged monster ladies are getting their revenge! Of course, Rhett was less of a cowering wimp, but she looks like a wee one so we can cut her some slack.
Starting with this arc, I’m using a new coloring/inking style. You’ve seen it for a bit now in the extra pictures and such I post but how does it look for full comic pages? Any thoughts?

Checkout the Sins Facebook site for a cute little Sins personality quiz. I’d post it here too but it was created with a Facebook app, so I don’t think it exports. If you don’t have a page, you’ll just never know what Sin to build blasphemous shrines to...

Quick Review: Wanted (movie)- To prevent this from being just an angry rant, let’s roll out the old “the book was better”. Wanted the movie has little to do with the book outside of some names and some vague events. The movie takes the interesting characters and world of the book and says screw it, let’s make this into a standard action movie. The characters are unlikable, the plot uninteresting, and the action sequences CG camera shaking fests. With Marvel churning out bad comic movies and with somebody seriously considering Aquaman or Namor movies, this would have been the perfect time to make the real Wanted into a movie, but what we wound up getting butchers all hope of that happening. There’s little reason to use “Wanted” as the title except for purely marketing reasons.