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Posted by Pip

MF2- Start Making Demands

Cowardice pays off again! When youíre short, weak, and probably about five years old, sometimes being a wimp just pays off comically. Of course if you choose to run away from an attacker by heading towards a cliff, youíre probably not that bright and cowardice may be all you have to fall back upon.

Quick Review: Ghostbusters: The Other Side- Mostly due to how short it is, GB tOS, is good but never really gets fleshed out enough to be great. The Ghostbusters themselves are drawn well but their designs are kind of odd. Everybody is recognizably themselves just... weird. Itís nice and cartoony though and the demons in it are keen. Unfortunately, all of the ghosts are just straight up normal people so theyíre a bit boring by GB standards. The story a neat idea and kind of the natural conclusion to what happens when you consider that every gangster and thug that dies can meet up in the Hereafter. Winston gets a bit of backstory and thatís something you donít see much, so thumbs up on that. Definitely worth a read for GB fans, but hopefully it will lead to something more substantial and more supernatural (despite the comics quite explicitly dealing with Heaven and Hell, which struck me as a touch odd for a GB story).