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MF3- Flipped Several Times Actually

The girl DOES have smarts! That lady has crazy colored hair; she has to be evil. Oh, and wings, pointy teeth, long ears and was threatening bodily harm openly and happily. Those last two are bad ones.
And good on the evil demon lady. If youíre going down, you may as well make one act of defiance. Take THAT, establishment and innocent little kid.

I totally canít remember if I posted this or not, so if I havenít... Thereís new fan art in the gallery! If I have posted it already, are you willing to whack yourself over the head until you forget about the earlier one?
Thanks to WhiteRabbit and check out his comic at:

My neighborhood is being terrorized. By a bird. No, itís not a bird, itís demon. This hellspawn is quiet all day long, but as soon as it gets darkest around 10:30 or 11PM, it springs to life with the loudest screeching you can imagine. Itís not chirping or singing; itís a high pitched screech that burrows through walls and closed windows and makes it sound like itís in the room screaming in your ear. It goes on for hours without stopping or even pausing. The night rings with curses and slamming windows and doors. But it does no good. You canít sleep. You canít relax. You lay in bed at 3 in the morning, staring at the ceiling and wishing for this creature to die. And not just die. Die horribly. You want this bird to die as a warning to any other creature that thinks about taking on this lifestyle. You want other birds to look upon this act and have no doubts that when night comes, they should eat mosquitoes and other bugs and then go to freaking sleep.

Quick Review: Bionic Commando Rearmed- BC is a series crying out for a great sequel and the 3D version doesnít look like itís shaping up to be that game and the remake starts it off with a big disappointment. Instead of going with new crisp 2D art, the game features ugly 3D characters. The backgrounds look fairly nice but there are times when itís difficult to tell if something is in the background or the foreground, leading to a lot of cheap deaths. The main issue is that if youíre going to do a remake, you have to improve upon the original. Yes the new reworked weapons are nice, but they made the enemies a lot stronger and some are resistant to certain weapons so you have to keep switching them out. They allow you to bring all your items and chips with you but now the hacking is done with a terrible, terrible minigame. They didnít fix the finicky controls, you still canít adjust yourself when youíre falling or adjust your swing, the lives system actively discourages experimentation and exploration, the enemies still respawn like crazy, there are still a ton of cheap hits, it seems random as to whether you can grip a moving platform, and on and on. The only things they added are some time challenges that are completely devoid of fun, a versus mode that you can only play with local multiplayer (no online play and you canít even play single player against AI bots), and remixed music. They could have just released the soundtrack by itself and let another team do a competent remake.