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Posted by Pip

MF7- It Gets You A Long Way

Blast you, laws against smacking around little kids. Some times they just deserve it! Maybe it’s bad upbringing. Back in my day, kids respected their demonic and evil elders! When they unholy spirits of the land started telling tales, we would site down, listen, and provide the occasional “oooh”s and “ahhh”s.

A filler page I did for Hero in Training went up this week. Stop on by and give Saurus the thumbs up.

Lulu is working with Amazon, so now you can get the Sins collections through! It’s a little bit more expensive because you have the base price, Lulu’s commission, and then Amazon’s commission on top of that! It’s only a few bucks more though so just in case you really, really hate ordering from Lulu, you have a new option!