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MF8- Spam Side B

At least the little monsters have taken enough of a shine to Lust to fight for her honor. Even if they were responsible for her getting squished and walloped in the first place. But even though they don’t have brains, they have heart. Bite that giant creature, kids!
And I resisted the urge and just used “roll” and not “barrel roll”.

Quick Review: Fear 2- Fear 1 was a lot better than I expected and it was a genuinely tense and spooky game, but Fear 2 strays from the horror aspect quite a bit. The story is almost completely recycled from the first game, just from a new faceless guy’s perspective. If you played F1, you know everywhere the story is going to go, but if you haven’t played it, you likely won’t be interested in or understand the main villains. The first half of the game is really tedious and there’s nothing special or all that interesting about it. You just move through corridor after corridor killing the same enemies over and over. I put the game on easy after a few levels not because the game was difficult, but simply so the enemies would die quicker and I could move ahead. It just gets so boring when there are waves of enemies that can soak up bullets and constantly hide or run away from you, making you hunt each one down individually. They’re not that smart (they’re very good at knowing WHEN to use grenades, but they’re more likely to bounce a grenade off of an object in the room and blow themselves up), they just outnumber you by a ridiculous amount. Once you get to the second half, it does pick up, but ultimately the entire game adds nothing new to Fear 1 and it doesn’t even have an ending. They may as well have just put up a screen that says “Buy Fear 3” over how it finishes. You’re in the middle of something and then the game just... stops and the credits roll.
Multiplayer fairs even worse than single player. Not only were there a grand total of 6 people playing (deathmatch only, nobody was in any of the other modes) but there’s nothing in it to set it apart from any of the 300 other deathmatch FPSs. It’s basically just “whoever finds the one-hit kill weapon first, wins”.
Sins Committed: Boring, Too many enemies, Enemies are too strong, Enemies are cowards, Bad pacing, Recycled story, Non-ending ending