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Posted by Pip

MF9- Masseuses

Lust may not be keen on killing people, but she sure can wallop monsters. It steps on her; she bashes it with a log. That’s an even trade. But the kids took the credit for it, so the karmic backlash goes on their tallies.

And since we’re braving forward into a new month, we have a new donation incentive wallpaper available! Donate art, writing, money, cars, or even your platinum and gold and it can be yours!

We also bid May farewell by looking at the amusing search strings it sent our way:
“scary disturbing art” (Heeey, that one just sounds mean), “morals for todays youth” (Unless you’re looking for the kind of morals the Sins would pass on, I think you’re in the wrong place), and just after that “yo mamma jokes” (now that’s moral).

We certainly can’t let the time go by without wishing programmer and coder extraordinaire Dave a happy birthday! Many thanks for all his help!