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Posted by Pip

MF10-Everybody Loves It And Him

If Lust has to go by kid-disapproved fruit, it hardly seems fair that Greed gets the food group beloved by children world-wide. But judging from the outcome, it may not be worth it to be liked by two hyper kids. Be careful on him though! You slip and hit one of Greedís corners and youíre likely to put an eye out. That would aid in telling the apart though...

Another mysterious Sins project is in the works so Iím putting a call out for Slapeggs with audio abilities! If you can do it and want to, send me an email ( or message on the forum, please. Voice-wise, I just need some super short samples from people but if you can make music, youíre wanted as well! Some roles have been cast, but Iím looking for:
Anger- Likely a guy, but I can be persuaded by a woman that can do a deep voice
Pride- A man
Gluttony- I can go either way
There may be some more needed in the future... Mysteriousness abound!

DDG has been updated as well, so click that link and calm yourself down from this excitement.