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Posted by Pip

MF11- Tattoos By Greed

Oh sure, a few days ago Lust was all over threatening to kill one of them, but the second she thinks Greed is going to carve some identifiers into their wee selves, Lust gets all indignant. Itís societyís anti-Greed double standard. The Man is always trying to keep him down.
Could totally get a Joker thing going on here. Why so sinious... Saligious... Slapeggerious...

Thanks to all of you that submitted or offered to do voices for the upcoming project! Thereís a poll on the forums right now about how the project will be rolled out, so please vote and let your opinion be heard. You donít have to have an account on the forums to vote, but you should still totally have one...

Quick Review: Punisher War Zone- For some reason the director and writers went the cheesy route and added a lot of unnecessary humor, lots of awful green screen shots, and the two bad guys get really annoying by the end of the movie, but man is it so much better than the Punisher that came out a few years ago with John Travolta. The plot surprisingly isnít that bad and there are some keen kills, so it winds up being an enjoyable but completely mindless fun watch.