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Posted by Pip

MF12- Two Bits

Whatever happened to good old fashion sibling rivalry? There should be tears and damaged emotional states over this, but instead we get sharing and good times. It’s just plain sickening. One of them should be mocking the other, until enough tears are shed that she can push her sister down and smack her for making fun of a bad haircut. Well, from the looks of it, they’re more likely to hold down Greed and bully him instead of each other.

Sure some webcomics out there may get fan art and fan fiction, but Sins can beat that. We get these!

How many other comics get fan hot sauce? Take THAT, Marmaduke! Friend of the site, NMomega , brews his own hot sauce and it’s good stuff. You open it up and it smells totally hot, but when you taste it, it’s spicy but not overpowering. However, the heat really builds, so it may start medium but by the end you have a good burn going. Thanks, NMomega!

And Spiral, author of Ascension, sends us Sin Sims! Sinms... Simns... Ah, you get the point. Sadly, Sims 3 is lacking the much needed “demonic abomination” character models, so everybody is looking a bit more human than you’re used to, but the gang is there. Thanks, Spiral!