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MF15- Deja BOO

He isnít named Flattery for nothing! However, as far as things to copy go, hanging out with a succubus is an idea a whole lot of people can get behind. If it werenít for most of the cast being rightfully scared of them, theyíd be suitable for non-stop hosting.
Itís good to see that the Sins have instilled a likely life-long trauma in Meena/Fina. Serves them right for their childish abuse of Anger. This just has not been a good arc for him so far between stabbings, being beaten up by children, and now getting clumps of dirt chucked at him. Buck up, you lovable Chupacabra-thing, you!

Quick Review: History Channelís Seven Deadly Sins- Itís the History Channel so you know Hitler and World War 2 are going to find their ways in here at some point, but for a HC series, itís actually not maddeningly boring. There are some points that are really stretched out to fill time (and a baffling over-reliance on bad Photoshop filters), but as a whole, itís interesting and presents some good information. Itís always fun to hear just how much of history and even religious belief is just a few people making stuff up as they go along and having people go with that. It was totally new to me and the series almost completely glosses over it, but the Christian Church werenít even the ones that came up with the idea of the Seven Deadly Sins. History may have forgotten you, Horus, but youíre getting some kudos now. Itís best to space out watching the DVDs because the serious is a bit tedious in four hour blocks, but theyíre all worth a watch (and the Greed episode is easily the best of the bunch despite its lack of cuddly puppy men). One glaring problem that needs to be addressed: You do not align the Sins as LEGS GAP. Itís SLAPEGG and everybody knows it! Lousy perverted History Channel.