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MF16- So Awesome

Just think how awesome that handshake must be. Think about it! Something known only to succubi and the personification of lust and that’s hidden from the view of others. Awe inspiring indeed. Unless it’s really just a normal handshake and they’ve grown this grand mystique around it just to toy with everybody thinking how awesome it could possibly be.
I might need to get a fact checker on this, but today may be the first time “boobies” has shown up in the comic. A red letter day indeed.

Now that Bing is up, it had to be given the Sins test. A search for “sincomics” turned us up at the top and the next results were for Taralynn and Ascension, so it gets acceptable marks there. It did turn up some odd stats site with hilariously bad numbers. Not only were the visitor numbers just way, way off but it provided its own demographic data that I have no faith in. Apparently most Slapeggs make $30-$60K a year, 75% are college graduates, and 66% of us are 50+ years old. If that’s true, those donation incentive wallpapers are going to get a lot more expensive from now on! The site claimed to have last collected data in May, but me thinks these are the numbers from the porn site that had the domain name before us.

Quick Review: Fallout 3- Right off the bat, I totally do not “get” this game. I know the series has its die-hard fans, but I don’t see the appeal. The game purports to give you all these choices, but when it comes down to it, you don’t actually have a choice. Designing your character gives you dozens of different ways to modify your characters face (to a ludicrously unnecessary degree) but then you have few hairstyle and absolutely no choices on your character’s body. You have all these different stats but there are so many of them to upgrade that they become meaningless. Should I upgrade small arms, big arms, energy weapons? I don’t know, I just turned the game on five minutes ago. Is it better to make a weak but all around competent character or just focus on a few stats? And what stats? Is sneaking useful? You have all these choices in what missions to take, but the story missions do little more than move you from point A to point B chasing after a character I didn’t even care about. At the start of the game, your dad abandons you and you set off to find him, but you’re introduced to him only five minutes prior so my opinion was “screw him, let him go”. I was more concerned with the character’s friend because she was actually nice. But even she hated me because the combat gives you the choice of how to injure your enemy, but no matter what you do, the enemy dies. No spoilers since it takes place at the beginning of the game, but your friend’s dad attacks you and sends his goons after you. I killed only the goons that attacked me first and when I faced off with her dad, I switched from a gun to a police baton and aimed for his arms so I wouldn’t kill him. But he dies anyway! You can’t incapacitate him. Your only option to kill him or run away. I want that middle ground. I want the “kick him in the groin and tie him up” choice. Near the beginning, you meet a character that is blackmailing a woman, the town sheriff hates, that blackmails you, and generally comes across as really scummy, so I killed him after he gave me the info I wanted. But then the entire town instantly hates you and opens fire. You ingrates owe me! The gameplay as a whole is just... boring. You walk around a huuuuge landscape (slowly) without much to do, you’re always low on supplies, your backpack is always full, and the shops are few and far between and run out of money to pay you very quickly. Maybe the game gets awesome later on but I gave up after a day of playing because I was simultaneously stressed out from all the garbage they dump on your plate but horribly bored all the while.
Sins Committed: Boring, Everything is brown, Too many stats, Bad inventory management, Lots of loading