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MF17- Ladies Mandrake

Siding with the short and ugly camp here, Lust is a heartless, cruel monster. Sometimes you just have to possess people! Sure itís a morally gray area, possibly a completely vile indefensible thing to do, but she did take the payola. Maybe itís just okay to possess the other monsters because they arenít cute humanoids. If you look good in short shorts, youíre bound to get more sympathy than if you have a giant stabby stinger.

And our lovable blob of goo has some more artistic representation! Thanks for the picture, Wolfdog1dmn!

Quick Review: Death Note: Relight- If youíve seen season 1 of Death Note, youíve seen this movie. Itís 99% recycled animation and just condenses season 1 into a 2 hour film. The DVD description says that it tells the story from Ryukís point of view, but thatís totally bunk. If youíve seen the show, you already know that thereís a long stretch where Ryuk never even shows up and thatís what I was hoping to see, but no, itís just clips from the show. Itís good if you want to know the general story of the series but donít care about all the intrigue and details, but thereís nothing here for fans. Just like the show, it starts out awesome, Misa gets introduced and it becomes godawful drivel, and then it picks up again. If you want though, you can just watch this and pretend the second season never happened! Woo! There werenít any real extras on the DVD so itís kind of a bust all around except if you never saw it in the first place.