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MF18- Just In Low Doses

Not a lot, just enough to take the edge off. When you canít run down to the local pharmacy for some Nyquil or Benadryl, funky berries may be the best choice you have. Look, itís either berries or mushroom and those have a slew of problems of their own. Donít judge her!

Thereís a new site with official Sins merch for sale! Iím going to run it like the Cafepress store in that there are a few samples up now, but if you have something specific youíd like to see, just let me know. You can buy images to put on skins for all your newfangled electronic devices. Spiffy! The site is here and also available in the Swag tab:

Quick Review: Sonicís Ultimate Genesis Collection- Like reviewing Rock Band or Guitar Hero, there are so many titles you can argue should be in game collections and titles you would ditch in an instant, but as a whole, the content here is pretty good. Platformers, RPGs, and Brawlers are represented the best and have some real triple-A titles but there also several awful, awful games in the collection (Mean Bean Machine, really? Címon!). The presentation is less stellar than the content. Menus are oddly slow (even appearing frozen at times), you canít link Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles, the interviews and art galleries are little more than fluff, there are issues with sound playback (especially in Sonic and Streets of Rage), sometimes you have to complete the requirements for trophies twice to unlock them, the ďHD GraphicsĒ filter is hideous and makes some of the games just plain hard to look at or play (but itís thankfully completely optional and is even turned off by default), and heck, thereís even a typo on the back of the box! However, the biggest saving grace is that you can create save states anywhere in a game so you no longer have to beat them in one sitting. That would have been a godsend when these games first came out. Time hasnít been kind to some of the titles and nostalgia gets kicked around a bit, but some of the games are worth the $30 price tag just by themselves.
Sins Committed: Slow menus, Missing some features, Sound problems, It brought Sonic Spinball, Mean Bean Machine, and Sonic 3D Blast back from the dead