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Posted by Pip

MF19- Turn This Adventure Around And Go Home

Lust’s patience doesn’t seem to be on the same level as her stamina or playfulness for evil. Little kids will wear anybody out and when you can’t smack them, you take it out on others. Granted, Sloth is pretty good at taking heaps of abuse physically. But inside? He’s crying. She did say “thank you” though. That gets some points.

All right, the big reveal of the latest project... Finally done with part one of the game based on the first Sins chapter!

Download the file there (about 11MB, Windows only) and let me know what you think! It's a straight up platformer this time with a definite Mega Man feel to it. Knowledge of the comics will help you figure out the weakness chart so shame on you anybody that hasn't read it.
Press F1 in the game to access the help menu and instructions.

Big thanks to everybody that helped on the audio side of things. The credits are listed in the help menu so make sure you read them!

Known bugs:
Music stops when sounds play
The camera will only follow Rhett in his default form (Can't be fixed)
Changing forms next to walls can get you stuck (Can't be fixed)

Coming in part 2:
The next hub
Temples will be actual stages
Bosses with some kind of actions/patterns