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MF21- Better Than Fjord Pancakes

You never know unless you try, right? Have you really checked every tree in your neighborhood to see if they have some waffles tucked away? I thought not. Why do you think monkeys, squirrels, and birds spend so much time in trees? Waffles!
Sloth, master babysitter! That lovable little guy has a thousand and one uses. You could rent him out for car trips, a parentsí night out to eat and visit the theater, doctorís visits, or that nasty period from 13 years old to 18.

The creator of Magical Misfits is away on vacation, so after his kind inclusion of Lust, ĎNetta, and Liestra in his last cameo fest, we stepped in and did a filler picture.

Thanks as always to Hogan for his behind the scenes creating of many of the cameos that haunt the webcomic world.

Long, too many references to make here Review: Ghostbusters (PS3) Ė I recommend that you not buy Ghostbusters, not because the gameplay or story are bad, but solely due to how buggy and unstable it is. Multiplayer is practically unplayable in its current state. If youíre already a Ghostbusters fan, this game is a must play (wait for a patch or rent it, seriously!), and if you havenít gotten into the series before, this is a great place to start. The gameplay is all about teamwork, for you and your enemies. When one of my teammates was knocked out in Killzone, I usually just left him there, but in GB, these are such iconic and lovable characters that when they go down, you bust your ass to get over there and help them back up. It also doesnít hurt that their AI is pretty darn good (up until the last stage where they go brain dead for some reason) so you want them up to help you. The same goes for enemies. In the first level, I weakened a ghost and was pulling him towards the trap, but a second ghost stopped attacking the crew, picked up a dresser, and threw it at me, knocking me out and releasing the other ghost. That is some damn fine teamwork! The writing is fantastic and really does feel like a third Ghostbusters movie. The in-game dialogue never wears thin like in other games and the cinemas are great stuff. I was expecting to be ambivalent about the nameless rookie you play, but I grew to like him rather quickly. Heís enough of a random nobody that you can put yourself in his place, but in cinemas, his expressions and movements and rather well-done so heís funny in his own right and his interactions with the crew are great. Hearing Ray call me a friendly nickname or congratulate me on doing well fills me with a sheer child-like joy I donít think Iíve ever experienced in another game. I WOULD be a great Ghostbuster! I know it and the game knows it. The gameplay is smooth and wrangling feels fantastic but the difficulty has some extreme fluctuations. Itís fantastic for 95% of the game (and has an Easy mode if you like) but almost every mission has one section where they throw hoards of enemies that just swamp you. And to whoever designed the stone angel gate section, screw you. Seriously, just... you suck. I died more times on that one task than everywhere else in the game combined. There were some attempts where the enemies would kill Ray and I in about 15 seconds of them spawning. To add insult to injury, dying comes with a hefty load time. Everywhere else in the game, loading is hidden behind cinemas, but when you die, you have a thirty second or more load. So in that stone angel section you die, 30 second load, spawn, repeat the dialogue, enemies spawn and kill you in a few seconds, and you repeat that process again and again. Be warned though because the game has some SEVERE bugs. The worst of which is that it will just decide to erase your save file. Thankfully it happened after I had beaten the game and gotten 100% of the items, but other people on the gameís forum havenít been that lucky. You turn the game back on and your progress is gone, all the extras are locked again, and even the controller settings have been reset to their defaults. Thereís no excuse for that in a title like this from an established studio and publisher. There are a lot of little ones too. Characters getting stuck inside objects, walking on thin air (yeah theyíre ghosts, but theyíll start walking on the ground and then quickly shoot up and still be in their walking animations), and several of the online trophies either donít work or are so poorly defined that figuring out how to unlock them is a guess.
GB also features some of the best multiplayer Iíve ever played... when it works. Itís an actual co-op multiplayer where youíre playing with people rather than against them and that really comes through with the people playing. Thereís been almost no cursing in the matches Iíve played, people were laughing and having fun even when we were getting knocked around, and Iíve actually had people say ďthank youĒ after Iíve revived them. I canít think of any online game Iíve played where people actually say thanks. Such is the power of Ghostbusters. Be warned though, multiplayer as a whole is horribly, horribly unfair and stops being fun pretty quickly. The way it handles multiple players is to release more enemies and make them stronger (frequently giving them one hit kills). It gets to the point that there are so many little enemies crowding the screen that you canít dodge or even move so they sap your health in seconds flat, and if people drop out or disconnect, the difficult doesnít scale back. Youíll create a match with four players, two people will be gone by the start of the match because they got disconnected, and the remaining two players will have to play a match designed for four people. It does have more than its share of the usual online problems too. Lag, dropped matches, trouble connecting to matches between different countries, etc, and it really needs a way to force start a match. You can join a match but not ďreadyĒ yourself and it will hold everybody else up. Of course, that is useful for screwing with the few assholes you do meet but when thereís somebody not paying attention or that stepped out, it holds the whole game up and the only thing you can do is wait or quit the match. And a serious yay for the easily accessible mute button for those Pecks you meet online! Some of the maps are unfairly difficult because the time limit is ludicrously strict or the level itself is so poorly defined that it takes an act of a god to complete the objectives in the time frame. There are levels Iíve played dozens of times with different people each time and Iíve yet to complete those levels. The player community is a mixed bag in terms of skill. When you have a team full of people that played through single player, it shows and the matches are fun. However, one bad player can bring down the entire team and doom you from the start. You get some people that wonít help, hoard items, wonít revive teammates, and treat the game as your typical competitive FPS, even though only one mode in the entire online experience pits you against each other. The game is built to be a team experience. Several of the single player bugs show up as well, so when youíre on a strict time limit and the ghost is stuck inside a wall and you canít yank it out, the match is done. The time you waste trying to unstick it or waiting until it revives and gets itself out is going to prevent you from completing the task. The most amusing bug Iíve had online was that I was hit by an enemy that was nowhere near me and that killed me, but the game seemed to recognize that I shouldnít have gotten hurt because I was still able to walk around and fire. The indicator displayed showing I was dead, the message popped up, and my pack was sparking but I was still walking around playing normally (even smashed a gargoyle while like this). Eventually one of my stunned teammates ďrevivedĒ me and that jerked my character back several feet and knocked me to the ground, but I was normal after that. Thereís also a great bug in laggy matches where a player will pick up a trap but it wonít deactivate, turning that player into a walking ghost trap. More often than not though, the bugs and glitches will screw you over and make the already improperly tuned difficulty unbearable.
Sins Committed: Severe bugs, Short, Uneven difficulty, Long loading times, Broken multiplayer