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Posted by Pip

MF22- Should Have Used Floaties

They’re just lucky that they didn’t have those tree waffles after all. You eat some of those before going in the water and then the tentacled monstrosities come out on land to get you. With an empty stomach, they at least wait until you’re in the water.
Once again, Sloth encourages oh so much poking.

Slapegg Dmabster has set up a Sins Wikia! Add, contribute, expand! Make it grow! Larger! Until it gains sentience and smites those that oppose us. Marmaduke will rue the day!
But really, add to it and make it awesome. I added a link to it and our pages on TVTropes to the Links page. Thanks, Dmabster!

Continuing with this parade of newness, there’s a new DDG page posted as well.

And fiiinally! It’s the end of the month. And were there humorous search strings leading to the site? What do you think? ... yes. Yes, there were.
“awesome”- Darn tootin’!
“nasty comics”- Awww...
“pirateur”- I choose to believe that’s the term for a rather elegant and cultured pirate.
“national pudding day”- Never forget!
“nicole kidman sincomics”- WHAT!? Seriously... just... what?

And a new wallpaper for all those that pass on fan works, fan arts, and fan-legal monetary tender. The Sins look awesome in glasses. Those that can find a fitting pair.