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MF23- Rubber Spoon Rubber Spoon

Itís always good to harass and tick off some water-dwelling monster with giant tentacles that kidnaps kids. Thatís what all those undersea robots do. Why do you think they always have claws? Scientists send them down to poke, pull, and mock the creatures of the deep. Because scientists are petty, petty people.,,
You know Envy is making a show of it and not actually working. He doesnít even have fingers! Although, the Powerpuff Girls have taught us that fingers are mostly irrelevant.
Yeah, itís a slow page for an update but you know itís going somewhere!

Quick Review: Marvel Zombies 3- Marvel has gone ahead and just admitted that this series is being milked for cash at this point. Book 3 ends with a full on ad for book 4. Still, for what it is, it remains a fun series. Book 3 is far looser and more jokey than the previous two but theyíve really run out of iconic characters to use rather quickly. A couple of big names appear but most are relegated to a few pages. Itís also incredibly short so by no means should you buy it at full retail price.