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MF24- Better Than Shouting Squid

Having stretchy tentacles never really seems to work out for monster kind, does it? Theyíre inevitably going to get tied up in knots chasing something down, get caught in a door, or be used to slingshot something into your face. Itís almost as if Nature didnít intend for beasts to have rubbery appendages.
It was all an ingenious plan to harbor feelings of need and dependence in the kids! Theyíve learned that in leaving the Sinsís sides, they will undoubtedly face horrible, horrible doom! Far fewer children would wander away if they were instilled with these proper rules. At least thatís one way to spin the Sinsís lackluster parenting skills.

Quick Review: Ice Age 3- Standard disclaimer that my ticket was free and I work for a company that worked with the production.
IA3 falls somewhere inbetween 1 and 2. Itís no longer original or interesting in ots own singular merit, but it does still have some decent jokes inside and makes use of its voice actors. Thereís still the standard morals we seem to learn to every kid movie pumped out to the market, but inbetween learning to love our friends and to be true to them, there are enough moments to keep the adults in the audience awake. There are some genuinely intense moments to it as well. One character has a flashback that is ludicrously well done. And not just for this movie; it would be a great scene in a Pixar film too. There are far, far too many running/chase/everybody is yelling moments and that really grates on me, but one of them some kids in the audience cry, so I can throw a few approving nods to the producers. And on a geeky note, I loved dinosaurs as a kid, so seeing cartoony 3D dinosaurs that actually look like dinosaurs is still kind of cool.