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MF28-Replace Strawberries With Raspberries

Little kids are threatening the ways of the Universe once more and we know thatís never a good thing. Sure it starts with a few rumblings and then the thunder and lightning and then earthquakes and then raining hellfire wipes out humanity. None of those things are usually any good. So if a demonic Sin tells you to do something, you do it! OhÖ and Lust says you should build temples to comic and create a cult for it. You better listen!
Greed and Fortune are such wimps. But does this mean that the girls donít really consider the Sins to be bad guys? They are the comicís main characters after all!

Long, Mad Review thatís in an arms race against itself: Damnation- I don't fault the Damnation team for their ambition, but I do fault them for charging full price for a game that doesn't even come close to delivering on that ambition. Damnation just did not have the budget for what it wanted to be, but instead of getting rid of the fluff and refining what's good, the game is a mess. The controls are good, the level designs are interesting, the climbing and acrobatics can be a lot of fun, and it's an spiffy take on a Western/Civil War-ish setting but the animations are stiff, the characters unlikable, the story uninteresting, the camera awful, it's buggy, and everything in the game is so brown and gray that simply finding the path to walk on or finding your enemies while they're shooting you is a chore. The motorcycle sections are silly to begin with, but thanks to the muddy visuals and the poor camera placement, they're frustrating exercises in falling off ledges and slamming into walls simply because you couldn't make them out. At its best, Damnation is like watching a B movie; it's so stupid and a mishmash of ideas (steam punk, zombies, magic Native Americans, ye oldey terminators and ye oldey Metal Gear Rex, and mind control all show up at some point) but it's so silly that you accept it and sit back for the ride. There's one character whose identity is hidden and I was seriously hoping it turned out to be a reanimated Abraham Lincoln, or Booth at the very least, but I was horribly disappointed. That alone could have possibly redeemed the game, but no.
As I mentioned, the game does have a multiplayer mode, but I have no idea how good it is. When I signed on, there were 0 matches. Never a good sign when you're the only person around. I do imagine that capture the flag could have been fun though.
If they removed the motorcycle sections and multiplayer mode and cut down on the cinemas of stuff just blowing up, they could have spent their budget on making the single-player mode better by improving the writing, characters, combat, and graphics (just adding some colors to the visuals would be gone a long, long way). Damnation could have been a great $10 or $15 downloadable title without all the fluff, but instead it's a disaster that they charged full price for.
Sins Committed: Bad framerate, Everything Is Brown, Bad Dialogue, Unlikable Characters, Bad Vehicle sections, Bad partner AI, Empty multiplayer