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Posted by Pip

MF30- Better Than Mold Head

Their wee cruelty knows no bounds! Sure the Sins abuse Content and place her in horrible situations, but to stoop so low as to mock her hair color… Where does the slippery slope of insults slide from here? Mocking her marking? Taking joy in her lack of eyes? Berating the one outfit she’s been wearing longer than she probably remembers? McGruff wants you to end bullying!

We're in bug fixing and cleanup mode on part 2, so I'm ready to put out another call for voices, please! I currently need:

If you're interested in providing a few short samples, please send me an email (, an IM (AOL: MegalomaniaPip), or a message through the forums and I can give you details! If you want to provide music, that would be awesome too!
I want to try to get new people on this one, so if you provided a voice for part 1, I'll keep you as a backup. If I can't fill a role, you can go in then.
Thanks as always!

DDG has updated as well. With insults too! It’s a Monday of hurt feelings on Sincomics!