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MF33- Bad Bad Rubber Piggy

Itís been a while since Content has had to deal with all this, so I think we can cut her some slack. She did sell out Lust pretty quickly though, so kudos to her for that! Granted, Meena and Fina donít really care about that and probably donít even understand whatís going on, but itís the thought that counts.

Weíve gotten quite a few voice submissions for the game, but weíre still short on Chastities and Joys! If you think youíre up for them, please let me know!

I reorganized the Swag page, so itís a bit neater. Check it out and revel in it.

Long, Brain-eating but not a zombie Review: Prototype- There is absolutely nothing original to this game. Prototype is basically just the Hulk games mixed with Spider-Man: Web of Shadows from the story to gameplay. Ripping off the Hulk, we have Betty being replaced with your sister, the same general, the same military guy that hunts you, and Alex is basically Bruce, a scientist that gets changed by its experiment and turns into a monster. Many of his moves are taken directly from the Hulk game. Ripping off WoS, it has almost the exact same beginning that jumps back in time, the same infected civilians that use practically the same animation, and even the same % infected at the start of each day. Even the different forms you take are lifted right out of Marvel comics. You basically have movesets from Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, and, er, Kratos. Yet oddly enough, the first in-game ad I saw (and there tons of them to the point of being annoying) was for DC comics. Go figure. The story does pick up towards the end when you find out what's really going on and I loved the story bits that play over the credits. The majority of the backstory is hidden though. Your character has amnesia (of course!), so you learn the backstory by eating the brains of people connected to your past. Sometimes they'll be a part of your mission, sometimes it's a soldier inside a military base, and sometimes you just find the person on the street. It's a great idea, but it wasn't implemented very well. When I beat the game, I only had about 30% of the backstory filled in and a lot of it was fluff. Many of the people will appear when you're on a mission already and can't leave to hunt them down or they'll spawn in the middle of a crowd of enemies and will die before you have a chance to get them. There were many times that I was only a few steps away from the target, only to have the soldier aiming at the infected monster behind us kill the story guy instead. They'll respawn later in the game, but that just means you have to hunt them down again. Its unoriginality aside, when the game works, it works well and is a ton of fun to play. There are so many different moves your character has, different forms that offer different styles, and fantastic upgrades and then you can hijack military personnel to use firearms and steal their tanks and helicopters on top of it. You can jump from ripping a guy apart with claws to grabbing his rocket launcher, using it to take down a tank, and then latching on to a helicopter in midair to pick off any survivors in a matter of seconds. But the problem with having all these different moves is that the button mapping is a disaster. Many moves are performed by hitting buttons in combinations or charging attack and some I never figured out how to do at all. Not that it really matters because the whip attack is all you need to get through 95% of the game. You wind up having dozens of different moves but you can get through the game using the same two over and over. The game also has this weird thing where it constantly unequips your powers. Every time you complete a mission or even just change disguises, it reverts your character back to his basic abilities. This forces you to constantly stop, select your powers, wait for them to activate, and then continue. It doesn't sound like a big deal but the seconds it takes to outfit yourself again, you can easily die because the game unequipped your armor or a target will get away because the game got rid of your grab attack. It's extremely frustrating given that enemies can juggle you, you'll be attacked from off camera, most attacks knock you back down or cancel your moves, and the enemies swarm the screen in mobs from the ground and air. Within a few seconds, you can go from undetected to having dozens of tanks, helicopters, and guys with RPGs spamming missiles at your face. Just picking the enemy you want to take down is nigh impossible at times because Prototype has the worst lock-on system I've ever experienced. There can be an enemy two steps in front of you but the game will try to lock onto a helicopter that's literally blocks away from you. It constantly picks the least threatening targets that are far away from you while something strong is trying to claw you to bits. The camera spins madly, you can't select the enemy you want, and you're being juggled and knocked down to the point that you can't even run away to get yourself reoriented. The game goes from fantastic freedom and fun to maddening frustration in a matter of seconds. All these problems come to head in a horrible boss fight with unlimited enemies, all of its attacks knock you down or cancel your moves, smoke filling the screen, very specific things you have to target, and nonstop explosions. And I had to do it twice because the game crashed after I beat the boss. If it wasn't so poorly made, it would have been a fantastic game. If they can fix the awful control layout and the horribly broken lock-on system, this could be a winning franchise, but as it stands now, it's a game with loads of potential but lousy execution.

Sins Committed: Bad camera, Bad lock-on, Collectathon, Messy controls, Too many ads for a full priced game