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Posted by Pip

MF34- Gardensing

Apparently the green stops at her hair and doesn’t affect her thumbs. But Content has six more shots at getting it right. She’ll be a pro by the end of all this! Meena and Fina though… I really just don’t trust them with the fate of the world.
Now’s your chance to take over the comic, Envy! Claim your rightful place as king of the SLAPEGGs!

If you look down at the bottom there, you’ll notice a new TWC voting button. Does its newness inspire you to vote for Sins daily? You can be better than a Virtue! Show his sharing butt what for.

None of the people that sent in voice samples for the game asked for the donation wallpaper. I consider the work you guys did a donation, so email me back if you want anything out of the gallery.