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Posted by Pip

MF37- No Emails From Rat People Please

Sharing is possibly the only person that we would allow to be slightly misogynistic but he keeps helping out. Hes been beaten by temple guards, harassed by a possessed Rhett, Lust, Gluttony, and Pride, and Joy and Chastity are mean to him, but the guy still shows up. And hes instantly abandoned when snuggles are being given out! He can join Envy in being bitter and mopey.

Part 2 of the Original Sins game is now available! Download it at:

If you still have the previous version or any saved data from it, delete those before playing the new one. You may encounter some road blocks if you don't.

Don't forget that if you beat part 1, you can use the cheat to jump passed the first section.

If there are any major bugs or if you have any questions, please post or email me so I can help out.

As an added bonus... the Original Sins comics are collected and available as a free download. Granted you could have downloaded them at any time through the site already, but now it's available in e-book form!

Posted by Pip