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MF38- Ponomatopoeia

Sloth can’t even stand up under the weight of his own awesomeness.
The Virtues’ teleporting rifts sure make this unlocking business a lot quicker! From cute little slimy Anger to play date Pride in only two panels. But the longer you leave Lust, the angrier she’s going to be. Or somebody is going to come across her frozen like that and stick her in a museum! A museum soon to have some awesome parties.

Quick Review: Overlord 2- Just like the first one, I want to love this game because I like the premise, the minions are fun, and the story is enjoyable but the bad controls and camera kill it. Your minions are slightly less willing to drown themselves in this one but they’re just as ready to run into fire, explosions, or into enemies and kill themselves quickly. The camera is awful so just trying to see where you’re going is a pain and the lock-on system will focus on just… random things. I was in the middle of a fight and was trying to lock onto the enemy commander but every time I hit the lock-on button, the game would turn me around and focus on a house in the background. It’s not like it was a menacing house either. It was just a house not bothering anybody or doing anything particularly interesting outside of being a house. That’s just one of the many examples of how shoddily made the game is that I encountered in the few hours I could play without being horribly frustrated. Another moment required me to get wolf mounts for my minions, but all the wolves glitched into the wall so as soon as my guys jumped on them, they jumped right off. After about ten minutes of fighting with the game, I was able to push a few out. Then I had to move some exploding barrels but the game reacted to the melee fighters as if they were the flaming guys and the barrels exploded after they moved the cart a little bit. It was shortly after that experience that I quit, stuffed it back in its envelope, and sent it back.
Sins Committed: Bad camera, Bad controls, Ugly graphics (pretty much anybody that isn‘t a minion or the Overlord), Buggy