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MF44- He Keeps The Squirrels Away

“Teacher” may be one of the few/non-creepy professions that these two can use to explain whey they’re following the twins around. “We sell lollipops and your kids are good customers” tends to just weird parents out more than anything else.
Who wouldn’t want an Anger around the house! It cleans up food you drop, steals the soul of rodents/bugs/stray cats, and curls up at the foot of your bed and keeps you warm with the glow of Hellfire. Probably catches a mean Frisbee too.

Quick Review: Bomberman Land Touch 2- I knew getting into the game that it was a collection of minigames, but I expected them to at least somewhat involve the Bomberman mechanics. The first games you play have you tapping him to jump a rope 40 times, scratch your DS to bend spoons, and draw circles to roll him in a race. What’s the point of being Bomberman if you don’t get to use mass amounts of high explosives!? The game does include the traditional battle mode that sports a lot of players and some decent match customization, but if you have any of the real Bomberman games, you’d best just stick with them.