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MF45- Saintly Sinners

Lust's truly awesome knowledge of children and their upbringing may get her and Fortune in a touch of trouble when they realize something is amiss six years down the road... But for the women they're with, having Lust, Pride, and Anger around escorts and their clientele can be pretty darn good for business. Lust and Pride/Fortune bring in some customers and good ol' Anger makes sure everybody stays safe and customers pay up. You wouldn't try to rip off a woman with a chupacabra.
This page officially brings an end to the Meena and Fina saga, but will we see the ragamuffins again... And if so, will it be soon? (Pro-tip: Yes). The Cast page and time line have been updated with the twins accordingly. And Balance, who seems to have been skipped over.

Quick Review: Summon Night: Twin Age- SNTA is my first step into the Summon Night franchise and I have to say that I'm really impressed. The game isn't revolutionary or anything, it's just a simple and well-designed game. The interface is streamlined, the RPG elements just focus on what's important (leveling up and a skill tree), combat is simple and quick, you level up naturally and don't have to grind, and the maps are straight forward but still reward you for explanation. The story is light and playful (and some of the dialogue and item/enemy descriptions are genuinely funny) but you can pick out some shades of FF3 (Magicite and abusing the Espers gets replaced with Summonite and abusing the Spirits) and FF7's Mako and gratuitously crossdressing hero. It's also surprisingly lengthy for a handheld title. To beat the story and finish the bonus missions clocks in at around 15 hours and if you're THAT keen on the story (which is pushing it a bit too much for me), you can play through a second time with a different character for some small changes. For what it is, I really don't have many complaints. Your character has a voice sample for attacks and by the end of the game, it reeeaaally gets on your nerves. Every single time the female character uses a spell, she says "Please hit!" and towards the end of the game, it takes about three spells to kill a single enemy, so turn the audio down or it will probably drive you and anybody around you mad. Bosses also have this odd invincibility time when using attacks. It's not a major issue because the game is fairly easy, but it causes some battles to drag on when bosses keep spamming attacks and can't be damaged while doing so. The game's lone major problem is the partner AI. Your partners aren't just regular stupid, they're "stand in a tiny of pool of poison and don't take two steps to get out of it while it slowly kills them" stupid. Your partner will never dodge enemy attacks, will purposefully run into enemy spells, will heal bosses, will run away from you if you try to use an AoE healing spell, and love to just chill out on beds of spikes or pools of poison that will drain their health. Towards the end of the game, you have to make the decision to babysit them and protect them from their own stupidity or just let them die and face a longer fight on your own. They love to waste items with reckless abandon, but the game mercifully gives you the ability to stop them from using them (and if you're feeling particularly vindictive, you can turn off their ability to use magic or even attack). Aside from the braindead AI that's so bad it affects the gameplay, I really enjoyed SNTA. It's got cute graphics, fun gameplay, and is just one word away from having a jolly yuletide acronym.
Sins Committed: Bad partner AI