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AF1- Dark Secret

A new story arc that starts off with Murdoch, Slander, and necromancer bitchiness? You just know it's going to be a good one! No man can come between Murdoch and the honors he recieves from people that don't even like him! Or his money. You don't mess with a man's money when he can build vessels for the dead and has his own Vice caretaker.

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Quick Review: Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ- If you're going to read one sentence of this review, here goes: The game doesn't live up to its awesome, awesome name. On a console, it would have made a fantastic $5-10 downloadable title, but on the DS, the horrible control scheme makes it almost unplayable. You can move your character with the D-pad but she's far slower that way, so you have to use the touch pad to point her where to go. The problem is that the touch pad is incredibly unresponsive so she rarely moves where you tell her too. The touch pad also works like the right joystick on a shooter and guides your firing. The touch pad ALSO works to throw your bombs by double tapping it, but to reload your gun, you have to tap the pad once, but the game frequently recognizes this as the bomb motion, so you'll run out of bombs very quickly. The touch pad ALSO ALSO works to make your character dodge but the game is completely unable to process a quick transition from moving to dodging so you'll rarely be able to dodge when you need to and you'll eat everything thrown your way. I wasn't able to beat the game not because it requires any great skill or intelligence, just simply because I couldn't get the character to move or do what I want and it wasn't worth the frustration to keep trying. Sadly, half the system's buttons aren't used so you could easily have mapped the special moves to them. If down made you dodge and up fired a bomb where your cursor was pointed, the game would have been exponentially better. Hit detection is also all over the place. Some times your bullets will curve to hit their target and other times they'll pass through enemies without doing any damage. Sometimes you or an enemy can stand right next to an explosion and not take damage, other times you can be several spaces away and still get hurt. The frame rate is horrible at well. The enemies are made of multiple sprites and look keen as you dismember them, but the frame rate suffers horribly whenever there are a lot of bullets or monsters onscreen. And this is a shooting game so the sceen will rarely ever be clear of bullets. The premise and story of a zombie outbreak hitting fairy tale worlds are genius but they're all over the place. The game is poorly translated and the dialogue is flat-out confusing at times. Heck, Santa doesn't even say "Ho ho ho", he says "How how how". How do you mistranslate Santa!? Red herself suffers the most. Her voice samples jump between various European dialects while her written text has her speaking regular English on one screen and then talking like a total Valley Girl on the next. And these are the bosses: Granny from LRR, Gretel, Pinnochio, the Three Little Pigs, Sleeping Beauty, Santa, Godzilla, and the Wolf. Does one of those things not seem like the other to you? Red also has a bizarrly shoehorned in Momotaro from Japanese stories as a sidekick but he serves no real purpose (and totally looks like he has a pair of panties on his head. Honest! Look at him and tell me that doesn't look like underwear). Out of all the Grimm Fairy Tale creatures out there, why just throw in two random Japanese characters? It would be like making a Greek epic and Crocodile Dundee suddenly pops up with no explanation. The game has a ludicrous backstory and overthetop art, but the horrible, horrible control scheme makes it a pain to play and robs it of all the fun.
Sins Committed: Bad controls, Bad translation, The guy has panties on his head