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AF2- Solid Naga

Maybe Filo is colorblind and he can't tell that Slander is neon green. Like... REALLY colorblind. Sees everything in black and white. It could happen. Or he'd easily tell and whack her with a stick. That would be bad.
It amuses me that after all these ages, even Murdoch doesn't know what's going on with Slander's physiology. It's best not to think of all the frightening possibilities as to what those are.

We also end the week with a brand new DDG. Click that leftern tab and work for the weekend with it.

Quick Review: Mighty Flip Champs- The good stuff up front: I'm a total Matt Bozon fanboy. I love his art, characters, and style and this game is chock full of them. The characters are adorable and unique and there's a cat with a jetpack/rocket, so that always rocks. The gameplay is easy to understand and the controls are almost as simple as you can get. The big problem is that the game quickly ventures into "not fun" territory. The issue that there's just too much going on at once in many levels. There are multiple versions of the same screen in each level and you swap between them to advance and solve puzzles. Shortly after starting the game, you're up to 7 variations on the screen and where you're standing now may kill you three screen flips down the road without you being able to know that. Even when you can see the next screen, there's a wavy effect applied to it and this makes judging your position after the flip very difficult. Some levels require near pixel precision but the wave effect throws you off and makes it look like you're safe when you really aren't. Get ready for lots of trial and error and arguable deaths as you advance. The game would really have benefitted from having save states to get around this. You also progresses puzzle by puzzle so if you get stuck on one, that's all you can do. You can't jump ahead and come back to it later and the game doesn't have any kind of hint features, so if you get stuck on a certain stage, either you find help from somebody else or online (there aren't exactly a lot of sites devoted to the game so good luck with that) or you're locked out from the rest of the game. There are 41 levels, some take mere seconds and most can be completed on your first try in less than two minutes so it's not exactly a lengthy game and that makes the price come across as a bit too high. Replay value is derived from trying to beat your previous stage times, but I'm not one for speed runs so after beating the game, you aren't left with much. The characters and design are so fantastic that I wish there was some kind of a story and want to know more about them or heck, just something about them but the fantastic pictures only give you so much to look forward to after completing a tricky stage because the art frequently repeats. I'd happily buy a sequel if it was cleaned up and made more player friendly, but outside of the great characters (Alta is a must-have for Smash Brothers), the final package is a little underwhelming
Sins Committed: Short, Frustrating, No story