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Posted by Pip

AF3- Ladies Love the Hair

Lust isn't to be held responsible for her actions! Totally not her fault. And it's possibly led to the twins making a record return. Only three pages into the next chapter and they're rarin' for a rematch. But they always were crafty like that...
I hope Murdoch had to at least ask directions. "Lust and Pride are working at the escorts' mansion? I know where that is!". Can Murdoch be considered a creepy old man? Sure he's hundreds of years old, but he still looks like he's in his 20s.

I went to the dentist this weekend and found out that half of my filling fell out and I didn't even know. I find it somewhat disturbing that something can fall out of my head and I'm not aware of it. Just one of those things your brain should send you a message about really.