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T7- Toasted Sandwiches ARE Better

Iím a firm believer that there is no such thing as an active force of luck so Iím a fan of Fortuneís. Sure I made luck an actual force of the universe, but luck screws itself over. Even its conduit feels the negative effects of its own machinations.
Sandwiches are a reoccurring theme with some of my charactersÖ but I donít know why. Thereís just humor in the periodic lunch meat sandwich. I donít even eat them that much though.

Thatís right, itís the astrological start of Winter today! Of course, I live in the South and there has been no discernable change between Fall and Winter. Lousy SouthÖ So, Happy Holidays to all. Thatís right ďHappy HolidaysĒ.