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Posted by Pip

AF4- Love The Colorful Clothes She Wears

It's the twins! And they're wearing different clothing! That's it; they've lost all their mystery and appeal now. They're just regular people that live with godly forces that have supernatural powers. What's so special about that?
Murdoch's raising an anti-Filo army now. But cheesing off Lust may not be the best way to start. You pass up on the leader full of spite, manipulation, and the team's smarts and go with... the lady that's prone to setting herself on fire or snapping her limbs.

It's the start of a new month and it's September so that means legions of unhappy youths are hitting the books and counting back down to June. But we get to do another in the series of these wallpapers. That's a small consolation. And hey, that's a face you can trust.

And the month left us with some amusing search strings leading to Sins:
"perfect way to plot revenge"- Okay, you're going to need some blue paint, a cat, three pounds of rubber bands, and... You know, we should talk about this later.
"tract and field pictures"- Jehova's Witnesses doing long jumps, hurdles, and pole vaults to give out those handy pamphlets. The most converted wins of course.
"sincomics fantastic four" Pride, human torch definitely. Envy, Thing. Greed, Mr. Fantastic. You'd think Lust for the Invisible Woman, but she likes being as visible as possible, so I'll say OriginalPride. Just don't picture him in her uniform. Ewww.

The first month of the L.U.S.T. Reward program is over! The top earner this month was Tetsamaru of
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