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AF5- MISTER Robe Guy

Pride truely deserves her place among the Sins! Selling out your friend to benefit yourself? Why that's poetry. Evil, evil poetry. But that doesn't mean you can't help but feel a bit bad for Anger. Look at him, back there all all sad. Awww.
And Murdoch is a bad man thinking bad, bad thoughts.

Quick Review: Puchi Puchi Virus- I give Atlus credit for bringing so many odd games to the US, but just because it's different, that doesn't mean it's good or worthwhile. The writing is chuckle worthy and rather self-aware and the graphics are colorful and cute, but in an effort to make the puzzle mechanics a different take on the match-3 genre, PPV is frustrating and from the start just isn't fun. Puzzle games like Tetris live by the "simple to learn, hard to master" mantra, but from the first stage on, PPV comes across as annoying and poorly designed. It's built around design decisions that go out of their way to make the game harder than it needs to be. Each puzzle has conditions for completion (score X points, perform X chains, perform X combos of Y length) and it's timed on top of it, you only have seconds to perform combos before they backfire and make things harder on you, you can't see which pieces belong to which combo and the screen quickly fills with unidentifiable pieces, to run a combo you need tap the originator of the combo rather than any part of it (so combine that with the previous complaint and you can completely undo a stage's worth of work in one move). Even if you're down with the gameplay and running all the chains and combos, the game is ultimately kind of boring. I've had my copy of Tetris for the original Gameboy for roughly 19 years and I'll still bust it out and play a few rounds every so often. I got tired of PPV in 20 minutes, so I checked out the other save files and the person that rented it before me only lasted 25 minutes before returning it.
Sins Committed: Frustrating, Poorly Designed, Boring