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AF6- Garage Sale ... Of The Damned

A dark secret indeed! To see through Pride's elaborate disguise like that, Filo has to be working in the darkest of the Drak Arts. Next time she'll have to use an eyepatch and fake moustache. Nobody can ever get passed those things.
Let that be a lesson on why science is important, kids. When you know keen stuff, hot demon girls will hit on you. It's true! It's science.
Happy dyslexic Labor Day wishes to our readers.
Tara said the picture was frightening but she let me post it anyway. Because she's a good sport. Be sure to read Magical Girl Policy on her site!

Quick Review: This American Life Season 2- TAL has kind of stepped away from it's somewhat educational and usually interesting stories and readings and gone more into the inane human interest story level lately on the radio and it seems to be reflected in the show too. This season pushes depression a lot harder than the first with episodes on disease, war, prison, assault, failings in the legal system, and divorce. The episodes do typically make the most of the material and if you like the radio show, you'll at least be keen on the stories but there are some real stinkers. There's a short one that basically just boils down to a jackass that doesn't want to mow his lawn. Really, that's all the section is about. The whole John Smith episode is also pointless. None of the people are special, exceptional, or interesting. I understand that was the point of the episode, but it doesn't take an hour to point out that there are people that lead uninteresting, normal lives. I managed to do it in one sentence. The best story out of the bunch is actually a repeat of something you probably heard on Radio Lab and those guys always rock.