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AF8- At Least There Was No Snap Or Pop

Ouch. Murdoch demonstrates the kind of social skills you'd expect from somebody that spends his days around the undead. Healthy doses of Slander's brand of keeping it real probably don't help when it comes to person to person interaction either. At least Fortune got a good use out of her powers. It's been a while since we've seen them in beneficial territory.

DDG has updated as well. But minus severe head trauma. Zip's had enough of that to last him an unlifetime.

Quick Review: The Great Buck Howard- Buck Howard gets its message across in the first 15 minutes but then just drags it along to pad out a full run time. You actually don't even need that whole 15 minutes because it's a by the books story of a failed celebrity. Buck used to be great, he no longer is but still thinks he is, eventually he finds out what other people think of him and gets depressed, but then something happens and he becomes hip again. The movie does nothing to escape from that mold so it's a testament of how much you like John Malkovich versus how much you dislike a pair of Tom Hankses (Hanksi?).