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Posted by Pip

AF9- Drop An Anvil On Him

For a comic full of squishy and stretchy brightly colored shades, Murdoch benefits the most from cartoonism. Rough him up and some work later, he's good as new. I bet he could even run off a cliff and be okay as long as he doesn't look down.
But Balance is back! Yay!

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Quick Review: Man vs Food- I hadn't even heard of this show until the host was on Conan, but I enjoyed it. It's one part travel show, one part cooking show, and one part the horrors of competitive eating. Shows like this are make or break according to the host, but Adam is a pretty decent one. You have to settle in to him mugging for the camera and accept that he's going to refer to no less than 10 things as "awesome" in each episode, but I liked him enough to stick with it. A lot of the restaurants he visits are fantastic looking, but there hasn't been a single challenge they've shown that I'd consider. Maybe the milkshake one if it weren't for the strict time limit.