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AF10- Ladies Bad Man

Well, that's one way to scare a new friend off. And a way with sooooo many double entendres! But we're classy around here. Very high brow. Wouldn't sink that far... Argh! It's eating you up inside, isn't it!

After the server change, there's been a change to the foreign language section. Ackin's Spanish translation is now in the gallery. The two Spanish translations and the Dutch comics are in a Foreign language section in the gallery. You can get through the regular gallery or by clicking little Sloth picture to the left there.

I put together a Sins PS3 theme. It's got a Sloth background (natural for time wasted playing games of course) and each category has a Sins icon. It's a simple one, but it's a far sight nicer than what I had on my system before so I shall share.

You can download it at:

You might need to download it directly from your system. I tried to transfer it with a flash drive but couldn't but it worked when I went straight to the source.

Quick Reviews:
From the Abyss- The DS's greatest niche seems to be simple action-adventure/RPGs. FtA, much like Summon Night, isn't anything revolutionary, but it's well made and mostly rather fun. It features some minor character customization in looks and stats (although, all you really need are attack, defense, and magic defense) and there are a lot of options for what spells or special moves your character can do. It has a neat gimmick in that you learn new moves by stealing them from enemies, much like in the newer Castlevania games. The game is generally VERY easy (I killed several bosses in one hit) but it tries to get around this by giving enemies very forgiving hit detection and the ability to juggle you endlessly, so you get knocked around rather unfairly. Unfortunately, the levels are randomly generated and in almost all games that means stages without any personality. FtA goes one step further because the rooms that make up the randomly generated dungeon are themselves frequently recycled. There may only be four or five different rooms that make up a 50 level dungeon so it gets repetitive and boring by the end of the game. You can get around this thanks to a bug that's downright shocking that it got into a final release. There's a super simple way to just skip levels, so you can just start a dungeon, skip to the boss, and repeat this until you beat the game. You won't fight any enemies, so you'll have to level up, but I was so overpowered by the end that I was able to do this without any problems.
Sins Committed: Boring levels, Short (I cheated on my second play through, so this is valid), Fake difficulty