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AF11- Four Year Anniversary

Murdoch has a way with women. Not a good way, maybe a one way or wrong way. At least it's not a cul-de-sac! Okay, I don't really know what that last one would mean either...
Who could have guessed that the avatar for all things good and proper in the Universe wouldn't be keen on somebody that violates the laws of Nature, makes his own abominations, and toys with the dead? Go figure. The Universe and its picky standards!
Just for those new or that have forgotten, Murdoch's horn is a corruption/disease brought on by his work. Necromancers that dwell in the Spirit Realm or are heavy into their craft are tainted by it over time. On the plus side, it does make for a good advertisement!

Sins Venials has hit its four year anniversary! Four years of three comics a week and not a one that isn't a finely tuned masterpiece of wit and joy! Dang I'm sleepy after all of that! Big thanks to everybody that's been with us on the ride. Dave for his help with the site and his awesome work, our translators Ackin, Bastiaan, and Arunova, all our long time Slapeggs and all the newcomers too, and everybody that donates, contributes, or even just posts on the forums. Thanks, Slapeggs! You guys are groovy.

Quick Reviews:
Green Lantern: First Flight- I love the characters of the Green Lanterns and their powers, but in all honesty, it's been over a decade since I read a GL comic. It's somewhat surprising, but First Flight is legitimately entertaining and not just for a comic movie. If you like superhero or comic movies, you'll probably enjoy this even if you've never read a GL comic and don't know the characters. One of its greatest strengths is that the characters actually have creative uses for the ring, not like the GL in the Justice League show. The voice acting is good, the animation is very nice (despite the typically bad mix of 3D objects in an otherwise 2D show that stick out like a sore thumb), and it's not treated as kiddy fare. People die but it's not just violence for violence. In one scene, hundreds of characters die, but it all happens off screen and it takes you a minute to realize what just happened and it's really good. Unfortunately, the ending is a copout but no better or worse than most superhero copouts. I don't have a problem with the ending, but with how they got to it. There's just way he should have won that fight one on one.

Quick Review: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (DS Version)- Yes, I already reviewed the console version, but the DS version is completely different and I loves me some Spider-Man. Instead of the sandbox style, WoS DS is more along the lines of the newer Castlevania games or Super Metroid (even ending with the latter's countdown to destruction after the final boss). The animation is fantastic and stringing together the different moves or combos is a lot of fun for what's basically a simple brawler when it comes to battles. Beating the bosses grants you a new ability that opens up different areas (seriously though, how did Spider-Man forget how to lift heavy things? He's been doing it for decades!) and beating enemies grants you experience to buy new moves. Unfortunately, new moves are mostly useless. There are two or three you should buy right away but the rest don't matter simply because they aren't performed naturally or you have other moves that accomplish the same thing but in a far better way. Why bother with a more complicated ground combo when you can string together a slew of aerial combos that you perform with two buttons. The game sadly doesn't flow well though. The beginning is easy but fights take way too long because Spidey lacks any real strength. The middle becomes too difficult because you die in two or three hits and fights take even longer because the enemies ramp up in strength. The end quickly becomes super easy because you can go back and collect all the power-ups, allowing you to trounce everybody and soak up damage. It's also very, very short. I beat it in under 4 hours with all but one incredibly hidden item without any cheats or FAQs or such. Most enemies also look too similar (same color/shape) and tend to blend in with the background (every enemy is black, dark purple, or blue on black or other dark colored backgrounds). There are two endings (of very minor difference) to help increase the play time and the game even features the always fantastic “new game plus”, which keeps all your upgrades and power-ups. That does make the short game even shorter (easily done in just under an hour with 100% of the items), but it's still fun the second time through.
Sins Committed: Short, Repetitive enemies, Dark characters on dark backgrounds, Bad flow