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Posted by Pip

AF12- Best Week Ever

Oh Slander is a mean, mean lady. Sure Murd's a weird guy, but where she's heading with that line of thought just isn't right.

In honor of four year anniversary, we have a brand new Sins game! This time around it's an adventure title (toootally not inspired by Zelda, no siree) starring everybody's and this arc's favorite whipping boy, Murdoch! Guide that lovable guy hated by the Universe and its minions in the first what should be three episodes. This episode is really short because I wanted feedback before moving onto the longer ones, so let me know what you think.
Known issues:
It is possible to walk outside of the playing field. I decided against punishing you for this, because if you're SO bad that you need to avoid enemies, you deserved the pity move. It's not a tough game.
The second power you get comes across as a touch useless in this episode, but it will make sense in episode 2.
Make sure you read the instructions!

Download the game at:

Huge thanks to Sawtooth for the awesome music. You can download the mp3s seperately. They're too good to not have.

Visit his site at:

The server should be back at full strength (thanks Dave) so Spiral's Ascension and Taralynn's Desk are working fine.