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AF13- Transnecrual

Shot down before it even begins! That's totally entrapment on Slander's behalf. If it's not admissible in court, then you get a free pass on the blackmail/payola that such weirdness generates. But really, who is Slander going to tell? Lust? Everybody already knows that Lust is a freak and into some sick stuff with her hubby. However, Lust wouldn't be one to turn down a chance to mock a necromancer.
That's the end of our little side story with Murd. But there shall be more as we delve into the heartless Filo's evil, evil doings another time.

And tying in quite nicely with this arc, SirIsaac sent us some Murd art of her own! Perhaps he does have a dark secret. Creepy.

Thanks, SI! And you visit her site at:

Quick Reviews:
Synecdoche, New York- The movie has a neat gimmick in a director building his own parallel world inside a warehouse that he can use to observe his own life and it starts becoming filled with parallel versions of parallel him and people he knows and interacts with, but that hook isn't introduced until the movie is halfway over. It's a touch over two hours long but it seems to last years. I'd grown tired and bored with watching the film after what seemed like hours, but a check of the clock revealed that only half an hour had gone by. It's boring, stupid, and self-indulgent, yes, but that's part of the whole theme. It's true flaw is just how uninteresting it is. None of the characters are interesting, much less likeable. It's odd purely for the sake of being odd and tries to pass that off as art.

Henry Hatsworth- Henry Hatsworth is one of the best characters on the DS. He talks using cartoonishly British old man noises rather than actual words and he has tea powered robotic armor. How awesome IS he!? The game itself is a great platformer but you can't appreciate it because every ten seconds you have to switch to a really boring puzzle game. The main game is solid, well designed, and has great power ups, so there was absolutely no need to cram in an unnecessary gimmick, much less one as poorly designed as the puzzle game in here. It's a half-hearted knock-off of Tetris Attack and it's just not that interesting, especially because it takes you away from the great game you want to be playing. It would be an fun diversion if it was solely used to generate power-ups and solve the platformer puzzles as some sections do, but the puzzle constantly generates new pieces and if you don't clear them, it creates a slew of enemies and makes the game far too annoying. The board doesn't even stop during the game's cutscenes. It's one of the most poorly thought out features to ever show up in an otherwise really good game. I can't stress just how annoying it is. I loved the actual real game but the puzzle section was so intrusive and damaging to the experience that I just couldn't finish the game. If they release a sequel without that godawful puzzle board, I'll snap it up, but if it returns, the series is hopeless.
Sins Committed: Frustrating gimmick, Can't play the main game in peace