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HLD1- Set Sail On The Friendship

It's always good to know where you stand with friends. Sure the rest of the Sins could have visited while Lust, Pride, and Anger were under the cruel thumbs of the Twins, but those Sins were doin' stuff. Stuff! Maybe they took in a concert or a hockey game. You don't want to get in the way of cultural activities like that. But ah well. New arc, some violence, and Greed exploded. Time to get a new one.

By popular demand/someone requested it, I did a simple cast page for DDG. Check it out in the gallery if the undead legions confuse you:

Quick Reviews:
Ghostbusters (DS)- While the console version of GB was a faithful and well crafted tribute to the movies, the handheld version just screams shameless cash-in. The controls alone make it not worth your while. Everywhere in the game uses a nonsensical mix of buttons and the stylus. For menus, it's just due to terrible design but gameplay just tries to cram too much into your hands. You have to micromanage your team because they're brainless and you're basically trying to control four people at once. It just doesn't work. Combat is extremely simple, but thanks to your mindless AI partners and the controls, it's an exercise in frustration. Enemies don't even have to attack you. They'll spawn inside your character and just hover over you, so every time you get back up, you're immediately knocked back down. It's also rather difficult to just see what's going on. I was surprised to see a “Brightness” option when I loaded the game and after the intro area, it's obvious why it's there; the game is pitch black. Dark players against dark enemies on a dark background. They even managed to screw up something as simple as driving Ecto-1 by giving you a bizarre time limit, terrible controls, and the streets are so dark that you can't tell what's road and what's an object that you're going to crash into. I'm a huge GB nerd and even I couldn't be bothered to finish this.
Sins Committed: Dark characters on a dark background, Bad controls, Fake difficulty

X Men Origins: Wolverine- Apparently one of Wolverine's lesser known super powers is looking up to the sky and yelling. The guy has had a lot of practice doing this, heck, he started as a kid. The movie doesn't know if it wants to appeal to comic fans or the general viewing audience and just winds up pissing off both groups. The movie throws dozens of characters at you but never a reason to care about any of them. There are so many characters from the comics but if you didn't know who they were, it would just all be incredibly confusing and there would be a lot of unanswered questions. For comic fans, they throw dozens of references at you but change them from the characters you know. Granted my knowledge of the X-Men is limited to the TV shows, video games, and trading cards, but I'm pretty sure Gambit isn't a scummy looking dirtbag in the source material. There are plenty of fights in the movie but they're just fights for the sake of fighting. Characters meet for the first time or just run into each other and immediately throw down. And the mutant gene seems to grant everybody the ability to do wire stunts. Everybody does these ridiculous flips or jumps so it must come packed in with every super power you can think of. You have the ability to shoot guns really well? Have some acrobatics to go with that! Buy the power to charge objects with explosive energy and get gymnastics for free! The CG is terrible but there's just so much of it. The lighting is awful and no serious attempts were made to get it to mix with the live action elements so all the effects look cartoony. There's one scene where Wolverine is holding up his claws and looking at them in a mirror and it could have been lifted out of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Keep in mind that the film has a budget of roughly $150 million dollars according to IMDB and let how sad that is sink in. There are even shots that could have easily been filmed live but are instead CG. Something as simple as a group of characters running into the woods is done with green screen and it stands out horribly. And Prof X? That CG Patrick Stewart is the stuff of nightmares.