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Posted by Pip

HLD2- Sins Like Pop Rocks And Soda

Well that's a whole lot of the cast I need to replace now. Maybe I can stretch the next few weeks into a memorial for Sloth. A look back at the “meh”s over the years all set to stirring piano music. It's always sad when your blob of goo explodes. But you strive forward and look to the positive things! Like having legs again.
Kind of unfair for Gluttony to lay the blame on Lust though. Sure, she's the kind of leader and she was smacking around Greed before he popped, but Pride is usually the one to get the initial blame when something combusts.

Quick Reviews:
Atheism Tapes- Adding to the mountains of evidence that the BBC is awesome, Atheism Tapes is a really interesting show. It's a series of dialogues with people on religion, but instead of sticking to just a science says this about Topic X vs religion says that, it talks to a variety of people in different fields on different subjects. It's more a study of personality and sociology than a strictly religious discussion.

Legendary Starfy- Starfy is like a “My First Platformer” for suckering kids into the dark world of playing video games. It's bright, cheery, colorful, cute, fairly humorous, and it doesn't take itself seriously. It's a game about a magic starfish that's out to save a space bunny from a demon pirate and it makes no apologies for that. It's very Kirby-ish, specifically Kirby 2 for the Game Boy. Starfy has a nice array of powers and a version of Kirby's animal buddies, all with well-designed levels and hidden goodies to track down. There's a lot of mid-level dialogue that slows down the game and it gets repetitive, but it's silly and lighthearted enough that it kept the bitter adult in my from telling the talking clam to shut up and get to the point.
Sins Committed: Too much dialogue, Bad controls (really only having the dash buttons be different on land and in water, you can change the controls but the second layout is even worse)