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HLD3- Buddy Cop Picture Time

They might be wishing it WAS spontaneous demonal combustion after this. So are these two more suited for a mismatched buddy cop story or the mismatched roommates sitcom? On the one hand, it would be groovy to have Chastity yell at Lust for not following the guidebook, Greed would make a great sassy coroner, and the standard revoking of badges but the two of them aren't exactly the rational detective kind and one of them would be just as liable to steal as the crooks. On the other hand, neither of them would make particularly good roommates, they hate each other's friends, and they'd be more likely to murder each other in their sleep than learn a valuable lesson after each episode. But the murders could bring in a different set of mismatched cops... It's the perfect formula!

Quick Review: Superman/Batman Public Enemies- SBPE is almost the exact opposite of the Green Lantern movie I reviewed a few weeks ago. It's poorly written, uninteresting, and violent purely for the sake of violence. The dialogue is so corny and has so many forced one-liners that it's groan worthy. There are several interesting plot points/ideas in there but all the good ones get glossed over (I want to see what a president with super science does and the idea of a Kryptonite meteor driving Superman nuts would have made a really good movie) or resolved and completely turned around in a matter of minutes. There are at least two instances where a character's allegiance changes in seconds with no good explanation. Sure, we're hunting someone we suspect of being a murderer and rogue agent but I'm going to take his two sentences at face value and join his side. It has the usual "Batman can do ANYTHING" moments but more trouble is that everybody's powers seem to fluctuate wildly. One second, Supes is weakened and almost passes out from just being near Kryptonite but in another second, he's fine being around the same characters and can take full on Kryptonite blasts without even flinching. The movie is chock full of characters, but it's packed with D-list heroes and villains and
most of them don't even say anything or they're just window dressing and something to get punched. No Joker, Mr Freeze shows up for three seconds, none of the Justice League, etc but you have Captain Cold, Black Lightning, and a string of characters I couldn't even name. The animation is good and it's colorful, but I prefer the clean designs from the TV shows rather than the 'roided up new ones. Power Girl really suffers too. She's whiny, doesn't do much, and her redesign is oddly muscled but stretched out too and she has these ginormous freaky eyes. And Black Lightning doesn't even say "in my pants" anywhere in the movie. Boo.