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Posted by Pip

HLD4- In Comes The Landlord

Well now Lust is just being mean. It would be hard to pass up on the opportunity though. When your very being or nature is the thing your rival can't stand more than anything else, you tend to give in to temptation. It doesn't really work the other way around though, so it's a tad unfair... Maybe Chastity can slip saltpeter into Lust's meals or turn off the apartment's hot water.

It's October! Cool weather, pretty leaves, gobs of candy for all, guys in funny costumes, women in skimpy costumes... October is awesome. It also means that it's time for another crossover wallpaper. Even the dead fear the power of Sloth.

It's also time to look at our end of the month numbers and referrers. Some enjoyable search strings leading to the site:
“nymaybes” - Either we have indecisive searchers or the Mets are changing names
“damsel time bomb”- The damsel stuff never gets old. One heck of a surprise for any knight or mountie that comes by...
“best hemisphere same way on earth”- Damn straight. Nuts to you, Mars.

And the highest scorer in this month's L.U.S.T. Numbers is... one again Tetsamaru from:

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