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Posted by Pip

HLD5- Bachelor Or Birthday You Decide

It's some kind of cosmic “girls' night out”. Less painting of nails and those flippy fortune teller things and more maintaining order, fighting monsters, and trying to figure out the grand plan of Time and Space. Okay, some nail painting. Only the fingers though. And only muted colors. Not enough friendship here for the bright reds or pinks.

DDG updated this weekend so check that out too. It's always Halloween month in Off World.

Using my awesome Internet powers for the forces of good, a friend of mine's band has a publicity page set up. If you like hip hop, it's good stuff. If you don't like hip hop, well nuts to you for starters, but the songs have some great beats so listen away. Lyrics aren't for the wee ones though.

Local Undead's page:

His personal page: