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HLD6- Sinsoliday

Now THAT is a holiday. Costumes, drinks, beach balls, novelty glasses with dealie bobbers... In your face, Arbor Day! And the people of this world know where to throw their allegiance properly. You see demon horns and tails but not a halo or feathery wing out of the lot.
This page is a few weeks too late for the site's anniversary and a few weeks too early for Halloween. Curse you, timing! It would have been nice to link up the Sins's holiday with a worthy one of ours. “Composer Day” just doesn't have the same pizazz.

Quick Reviews:
Murder Princess- Yes, I rented this solely because of the title. It turned out to be enjoyable fluff. Not solid enough to stand on its own but it has enough good moments to see it through. It doesn't hurt that it's only a few episodes long either. The character designs are well done, it has a nice clean art style, and it's very colorful despite all the, you know, murdering. It has your standard anime annoyances but for something to put on in the background while you work, you can do a lot worse. It bugged me that they never really explained some things though. Whenever the plot dictates, the main character gains these berserker powers that nobody really ever questions or comments on. Stuff like that bugs me.

Metal Slug 7- Handhelds aren't kind to Metal Slug. The screen is just too small and jam packed with junk that most of your deaths will come just because you couldn't see an enemy or a shot. The rest of your many deaths will come from lousy level design. Enemies or objects appear without warning, the floor suddenly shifts when you try to jump, enemies spawn while you're in midair and can't get out of the way, etc, etc, etc. Instead of making the game good, they just threw as many traps in as possible. Design like that works in the arcade to eat your quarters, but it isn't fun when you're playing at home. There are some nice touches like a mission mode, characters all have a unique ability, and you can customize the controls, but they're all shot down because the game itself isn't fun so the missions aren't either, you die too quickly to make use of your skills, and you can only change the controls from the main menu so when you find out that the poorly labeled control was describing something else or that changing the firing settings wastes two shots for every time you press the button, you're screwed.
Sins Committed: Fake difficulty, Short, Cluttered screen, Bad controls