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Posted by Pip

HLD10- Asincion Thursday

Cold showers, coffee, or the back of your hand. Nature's cures for being boozed up.
Now that's the kind of holiday I recognize. People are getting hurt. Said people and others are drunk. Threats of violence to come. All it needs is a dog eating the meal and no less than two cases of food poisoning. Ah, holidays. Some of that may or may not be true and/or assembled from TV and movies. Ah, TV and movies and my poor grasp on reality.
Greed makes everything better. Even violence. Two times the smacks and two times the fuzzy.

Quick Review: Sergeant Frog- There's really no reasonable way to watch this show and not make comparisons to Invader Zim. It's about a kid interested in the occult and paranormal that doesn't have any friends, his pink-haired violent and bossy sister, and an incompetent alien invader that's short, incredibly stupid, and has all kinds of super science that he wants to use to destroy humanity but he's constantly sidetracked by mundane things, TV, and the idiocy of his helpers. The problem is that it's like somebody gave the cliff notes version of Zim to the producers and never told them that the show should actually be funny or remotely entertaining. Zim's great art and design, funny situations, and interesting characters have been replaced by juvenile body humor, disturbingly sexualized kids, and constant constant shouting. I got up to make dinner during one of the episodes and for the entire time I could hear the characters screaming at each other from the other room. I know characters in bad anime shows yell at each other a lot but this show takes the cake for shrieking unlikable banshees.