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Posted by Pip

HLD12- Smack The Drunk Out Of Her

No wonder Pride is a Sin! Stealing poor defenseless Gluttony's wad o' meat. For shame.
As I've said before, the Gluttonies HAVE to eat to maintain their energy unlike the rest of the Sins. Over time, they slowly lose more and more energy as they get more powerful so they're always fighting an unwinnable game. They stronger she gets, the more grub she needs. Now everybody gets to feel guilty for every time they made Gluttony stop, took her away from chow, or made her eat fish. Pride actually made reference to Gluttony's current state in the Conference story arc (CON11 for those exploring the archives) but it was passed off as Gluttony thinking he was talking about what she was doing at the party. Ha-HA! Misdirection!