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HLD13- Home Detensin

Apparently Sharing is not the guy you want to carry you when you're hurt. Ouch. Now that Gluttony is back in the Spirit Realm, she no longer has a drain on her battery and won't need to feed constantly.
But it's Gluttony's sister! And she has ludicrously awesome hair! Awesome, awesome hair. And tentacles. As I've mentioned before, demons in the Sinsiverse can't really reproduce, so they aren't biological “sisters”. Much like how Balance was created from the energy taken from Death, Gluttony and Gorging were simply spawned from the destruction of the same spirit/spirits.

Quick Review: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time- It's well drawn and animated, so my my complaints really come moreso from the source material rather than anything the film itself does all that wrong (assuming it stayed true to the book of course). The story starts off very jokey and cute with a ditzy girl finding out she has the ability to travel through her own timeline and it's all well and humorous with how she knocks herself around and messes with minor things in her day, but the movie never really progresses from there. It very briefly touch on a fantastic premise that changing the bad things in your timeline just dumps them on somebody else, so every time she makes her own day better, she makes somebody else's worse, but the movie quickly passes over this up until the end. They ignore the intelligent and interesting parts of the story to focus on a boring high school comedy/drama that doesn't go anywhere. The final act does a complete 180 and gets ludicrously sad, but the ending doesn't even capitalize on it. You're just left with a girl that used time travel for incredibly banal and pointless things. There's a throw away line about how she could do some actual good with her powers but she completely ignores that. Focusing on her selfishness would have be fun if they kept up the good things for her equal bad things for everybody else, but they didn't. Worth a watch if it's on TV or you're bored but not really more than that.
On a level of things that bug me more than actually affect the plot, how can the future be that bad if its people have cheap, easily accessible time travel? No matter what goes wrong, you can fix it. It's impossible to screw things up THAT bad if you have time travel. It's more of a testament to just how stupid everybody is. Nuts to you, future people!