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Posted by Pip

HLD15- Silly Old Delicious Bears

Sins runs the gamut of emotions! Drama! Love! Boredom! Fury! Eating Bears! I also say words like “gamut”. When was the last time you read that in Pluggers? Hmm!? Gluttony definitely doesn't seem to be too shaken up over all this, but she's never really been the touchy feely type.
Of course our long time readers will know that the bear is a callback to very first Sins comics and quite possibly that a certain pirate fighter's “jerkhead” is catching on as the fashionable insult.

I had actually planned to replace Gluttony over a year ago, but she had become unexpectedly popular as the comic went on. But the new Gluttony shall be loved as well. Just look at the new Envy. Everybody loves him! EVERYBODY.